Who Invented Snooker?

The game of snooker was invented by a Britain, Colonel Sir Neville Chamberlain of the British Army garrisons of India. The game is believed to have came about as a mix of other billiard games, mainly English billiards, this new billiard sport of snooker surfaced around 1875.

The term snooker was used as a derogatory term for the first year recruits of the Royal Military Academy of Woolwich in England. For many years the game was known as 'Snookers Pool' and was played with a smaller number of balls and to very different scoring rules than the game we know today.

It wasn't until the Early 1900's that the game evolved to the game it is now. Played by the army officers and aristocracy stationed in India the game grew in complexity and in its parts. The game of snooker has pretty much stayed the same since.

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