2014 Mosconi Cup Europe Lead 6-4 After Day 2 of the Mosconi Cup

Europe Lead 6-4 After Day 2 of the Mosconi Cup

Europe Lead 6-4 After Day 2 of the Mosconi Cup

Day 2 of the Mosconi Cup started off with Neils Feijen and Mark Grey taking on Justin Bergman and Justin Hall of America. The Europeans won the lag and broke and ran the opening rack. A big break for Hall in the second frame sinks three balls and the American pairing clear up to level it 1-1.

Justin HallThe Europeanís break and run the next rack with the Americans also doing the same in the very next rack to make it 2-2.

The Americanís won a tough fifth frame against the break and then go on to take the sixth on their break to open up a 4-2 lead.
Grey breaks off in the seventh frame but it comes up dry and the Americanís smell blood and go on to take the rack for a 5-2 win and tie the Mosconi Cup at 3-3.

Karl Boyes played Corey Deuel in the first singles match of the night and it was Boyes that broke first after winning the lag. He came up dry on the break but left his opponent with no shot and after a short safety exchange it was the American that looked to have a frame winning opening until running out of position and then playing a poor safety to let Boyes in to clear up. Boyes took the next rack after Deuel scratches after potting the 2-ball for a 2-0 lead.

Boyes scratches on his break and turns the table over to Deuel and with ball-in-hand makes no mistake and makes it 2-1. Boyes extends his lead further to 4-2 to leave him just needing one more rack. The seventh frame was all about shots on the nine with Deuel attempting combinations on the 9-ball twice but it was Boyes that made a 7-9 combination for a 5-2 win and put Europe back in the lead 4-3.

Darren AppletonDarren Appleton and Nikos Ekonomopoulos took on the pairing of Shane Van Boening and John Schmidt with the Americans winning the all-important lag to break first and they put it to good effect in taking the opening frame and also the next against the break to open up a 2-0 lead.

Europe drew level at 2-2 before taking a dramatic fifth frame against the break despite blowing two chances against the Americans when having simple run outs on but with missed tough pots by the Americans the Europeans went in to a 3-2 lead. With Europe breaking they also won the next thanks to a fine break by Ekonomopoulos for a run-out.

The Americans broke off in rack seven but it came up dry but leaving the Europeans no shot so they were forced to play a push-out. The Americanís gained the upper hand in the safety exchanges and looked to have forced an opening with a simple run-out but they steadily began to run out of position and Schmidt rattled the four ball in the corner pocket to let the Europeans in and they cleared up taking the final 5 frames for an unlikely looking 5-2 win and a 5-3 lead in the Mosconi Cup.

With Europe looking to extend their lead further it was the turn on Netherlands Neils Feijen who faced Justin Bergman. Feijen won the lag and fired in three balls on the break but found himself with a thin cut on the 2-ball and ended woefully out of position and then made a poor safety to let Bergman in to clear up.

Bergman made a great break in the next but didnít have a pot on the 2-ball so he attempted a carom shot that he missed only to set up a 2-9 combination which Feijen sank to draw level at 1-1. A dry break by Feijen let Bergman in but he went in-off to give his opponent ball-in-hand for a ran-out and a 2-1 lead for Feijen. Bergman drew level in the next and also benefited from a freak in-off into the centre pocket at an acute angle that wouldnít have entered the thoughts Feijen.

Bergman looked sure to extend his lead further in the next until going in-off when having a simple run-out. Feijen knocked in three simple pots to draw level at 3-3. A break and run by Feijen in the next put him in the lead for the first time in the match at 4-3.

A rare dry break by Bergman put Feijen in-play but snookered on the 1-ball so he pushed to a snooker that Bergman turned back over to him. Feijen jumped and cut the 1-ball in to the centre but then went in-off on his next shot and with ball-in-hand it looked a simple run-out and a tied match until Bergman rattled the 7-ball in the corner pocket. Feijen was left a long tough pot on the 7-ball but he made it and with great position on the eight he ran-out for a 5-3 win and a 6-3 lead in the Mosconi Cup.

Shane Van BoeningThe dayís final match was a doubles match-up between Darren Appleton and Mark Grey taking on Corey Deuel and Shane Van Boening. Europe won the lag with Appleton making two balls on the break and a nice shot on the 2-ball to run-out. Van Boening broke off and made three balls on the break and the American pairing cleared up to level the match 1-1.

Europe regained the lead in the next after Van Boening rattled the 2-ball in the jaws of the pocket and the 3-ball and 9-ball rolled together for a combination. Grey sank the 2-ball and Appleton made the combination.

With the match tied at 2-2 Europe looked certain to go in to a 3-2 lead but it was the Americanís that were afforded that position after a poor positional shot by Appleton left his team mate with a tough 9-ball that he missed. The Americanís extended their lead further in the next with a great kick-shot by Deuel from a snooker to make the 7-ball and then run-out.

Europe reduced the deficit to 4-3 in the seventh rack and they drew level in the next when Van Boening missed a straight-forward looking shot with the partisan Blackpool crowd affecting his composure to force a deciding rack.

The Americanís got their rewards and won a tense final rack to scrape through 5-4 and keep the USA team in contention trailing Europe 6-4 going in to day 3.

Feijen & Gray 2-5 Hall & Bergman
Boyes 5-2 Deuel
Appleton & Ekonomopoulos 5-2 Schmidt & Van Boening
Feijen 5-3 Bergman
Appleton & Gray 4-5 Van Boening & Deuel


Mark Selby, last years winner is is out!

John Higgins, runner-up last year, is out!

Barry Hawkins, beaten semi-finalist last year, is out!

Ding Junhui, beaten semi-finalist last year, is out!