2014 Mosconi Cup Europe storms to yet another Mosconi Cup victory

Europe storms to yet another Mosconi Cup

Europe storms to yet another Mosconi Cup

Europe storms to yet another Mosconi Cup victory winning for the fifth consecutive year 11-5 over the USA.

Going in to the final session 9-5 down America put all their eggs in one basket when selecting Shane Van Boeining to play the opening two matches.

First up for Europe against Van Boening was Darren Appleton.  Appleton won the lag and he broke off in the first and ran-out.  Van Boening replied in the second rack with a break and run of his own to level the match 1-1.

Shane Van BoeningAppleton makes two balls on the break but has no shot on the 1-ball so plays safe but the safety shot is poor and it lets Van Boening in and he makes the pot but misses a bank shot on the 2-ball to let Appleton in to clear up.

Van Boening makes two balls on his break and makes the pot on the 3-ball but fouls when attempting a thin cut on the 4-ball to give Appleton ball-in-hand which is all he needs to clear-up and move in to a 3-1 lead.  Appleton extends his lead further to 4-1 in the next rack to put him on the hill.

Appleton take the final rack he required for victory in the next for a 5-1 match win over Van Boening and an emphatic 10-5 lead in the tournament with Europe needing just the one win.

After a short break Van Boening was back on centre stage to take on Nikos Ekonomopoulos who has been in great form throughout the Mosconi Cup.

Nikos EkonomopoulosEkonomopoulos wins the lag and a great break sets up a run-out and 1-0 lead for Europe.  Van Boening is looking to level the match and after breaking off he attempts a wild 2-9 combination which he misses and turns over an open table to the Greek.  Ekonomopoulos accidentally pots both balls when making a 2-8 combination to leave him out of position and Van Boening is able to level the match 1-1.

A solid break and run by Ekonomopoulos in the next moves him to 2-1.  Van Boening struggles to find any rhythm and ends up playing a poor positional shot to snooker himself and turn the table over to Ekonomopoulos with ball-in-hand to go 3-1 up.

Van Boening plays some great pool to claim the next rack to make it 3-2 to the Greek.  A tense sixth frame  began with a safety exchange in which Van Boeining looked to capitalise until  missing the 6-ball but he got back in only to miss on the 9-ball which Ekonomopoulos sank on his next shot for a 4-2 lead.

With Europe needing just one of the next three racks for the Mosconi Cup it was Ekonomopoulos breaking and he fires three balls from the break.  He faces a tough opening shot on the 3-ball but he makes it and its plain sailing from there as he runs out the rack to win 5-2 for an 11-6 victory in the Mosconi Cup for Europe.

Europe CelebrateThe Americans losing the Mosconi Cup for the fifth consecutive year are presented with their runner up medals with Mark Wilson congratulating the European winners.

The Europeans receive their winner’s medals and Captain Johan Ruijsink presents Neils Feijen with MVP award.  Nikos Ekonomopoulos is the top performing player with five wins from six matches.

Johan Ruijsink announces his retirement from the Mosconi Cup as Captain after guiding the Eurpeans to multiple successes after being dominated by the USA in previous years.  The crowd and the players are baying for his return so we shall see what happens next year.


Mark Selby, last years winner is is out!

John Higgins, runner-up last year, is out!

Barry Hawkins, beaten semi-finalist last year, is out!

Ding Junhui, beaten semi-finalist last year, is out!